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Friday, March 20, 2009

Regine & Dawn Back to Back

It was what they promised us  twice the music experience. They totally delivered last March 13 as the Asia’s Songbird and the 80s premiere rock band perform simultaneously at Eastwood City, Libis. Regine Velasquez really serenaded the crowd at Eastwood Mall Open Park, as The Dawn launched  their latest album “The Later Haf of Day” the Eastwood Central Plaza. Both are free concerts. Two big acts, one exciting place.Just like what Eastwood is.I can't wait to go back and explore what Eastwood has to offer.

I am not familiar with the songs of The Dawn that's why I couldn't list any of their songs.The Dawn is like a great bottle of wine they get better with age.

I'm not a Regine fan but I have to admit that her songs are great and I love the way that she's mellowed with age.I also love the fact that she can laugh at herself.
Here are some of the songs that she sang during the concert:

I'm not sure of Title just send me a message and I'll correct it. thanks

 1) Clouds across the moon
 2) At Seventeen
 3)Of All The Things
 4) Ako'y Iyong Iyo
 5)Tell me that you love me(unsure ako dito)
 6) And I love you so
 7) Totoy Bato theme song
 8)I will Survive, Move with the Music, Last Dance (Medley)

Credits to: Ms. Tinay for Invites
              To: Iris for the Photos

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