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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beach Babe in the Making??

I always have this fantasy that I would be running in the beach and acting like a Baywatch lifeguard. Of course that's just a fantasy because though I like the beach and think that I'm a beach person. I dream of swimming with the sharks and playing with dolphins.There's a only one minor problem.I can't swim and Titanic scared the crap out of me.Does that really affect me heck no? I like the feel of the sand on my feet and the smell of the salt sprays.I like the calm and tranquility that the sea gives me. The sound of the waves recharges me.The aura and the draw of the ocean relaxes me.

Since I couldn't really go to the beach as much as I want to. I just surf the waves of the internet and I amuse myself with trivias about areas sorrounding the beach. One kind of beach that I have always been curious about is the Caramoan Group of Islands.

According to my research Caramoan is one of the thirty-five municipalities of the Province of Camarines Sur and is situated at the heart of the Caramoan Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Luzon. It occupies the lower eastern portion of the Province of Camarines Sur. It is bounded on the north by the town of Garchitorena and the Pacific Ocean; on the northeast by the island province of Catanduanes; on the south by Lagonoy Gulf; on the east by the Maqueda Channel and on the west by the municipality of Presentacion.

Sago is planning on a trip and I'm really thinking of going and joining him.I really hope I could save up and join that trip. Then I can finally live my dream and become a Beached Whale este Beach Babe.

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