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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch (My Notes)

I was fortunate enough to get an invite for
Ladies Who Lunch (sponsored by Businessworld and  Herword. com)

The event was hosted by Issa Litton.Ms Cory Quirino
gave a talk on wellness. I learned so much from that talk.

She defines Wellness as a harmony of Body and Spirit.

She says that the very basic to wellness are the 5 D's

1. Desire- Is the hearts involvement. Remember the song 
Listen to your heart??? Heart is where the wisdom comes from
2. Determination--- it is from the mind. 
3. Drive -- When your mind and heart unite Drive will be the offspring
4. Discipline--It is doing what needs to be done. 
5. Delight-- this will be the fruits of your labor

Healthy Lifestyle

Prayer-- meditation slows you down. When the heart slows down
its saves enough heartbeats to last a lifetime.Meditation detaches yourself from the rest of the world
Laugh and Love--is very importance. Never let anything get you down.

Exercise is the pill of your life. 
Accept Responsibilities- Never wait for anyone to defend you. You
are your own best attorney.
Exercise -- is really very important.
Diet--Do what works for you.. eat raw food before cooked food.
Fruit is considered as a raw food.

Lifesaver of a Woman
Vitamin D
Remember this Mantra:

I have the choice
I have the power.
I am the best.

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