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Sunday, April 26, 2009

MP3 Mixing and Scratching

Digital vinyl Mixing configuration classic turntableBasic configuration or setup for Digital mixing

Here are the following ingredients, if I may say:

1. Lapton or PC
2. Samplers - sound files
3. Mixer
5. Soundcard - 2 input and 2 Output and support ASIO
4. Turntable or CD players
5. Digital time-coded vinyl/CD
6. MP3 mixing software
7. Skills

So how does it works?

To answer that, a better question is what is a Digital Vinyl or CD? When you play a digital vinyl the sound you will here are series of constant beep. That sound is then captured by the application thru the inline external soundcard. The application interprets that beeps as the playback speed of the music files.

As you decrease or increase the pitch (speed) of the turntable, the mp3 playback also decreases and so if you do a scratch, the application will also do the same with the music file currently loaded.

Here are some resources, enjoy!
. Samplers: Ultimix Classic
Download Sampler 1 (8.79mb) | Download Sampler 2 (1.69mb)

. Software: Mixvibes DVS | Virtual DJ | PCDJ Scratch
. Soundcard: Maya44 USB

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