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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream Cake

What exactly is Cookies and Cream to some it is typically a flavor infused into desserts using crushed chocolate cookies sandwiching a cream filling. The flavor is widely associated with the Oreo cookie, a kind of cookie sandwich with a sweet, white cream filling commonly used in cakes.milkshakes and other frozen desserts.
To others it reminds them of how great it is to be always childlike. Who could resist? Crunch chocolate sandwich cookies, and whipped cream.It is definitely kid-friendly cake that also appeals to adults as well.

Which is why Red Ribbon created Cookies and Cream Cake with Oreo. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate From birthdays and christenings to weddings and anniversaries or just say I love you. here are countless reasons to celebrate. Whether these are special red-letter days or just an especially personal and meaningful event. These moments are definitely worth celebrating are made more beautiful with a Red Ribbon cake.

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