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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tokyo Tokyo Watta Tempura:

Tokyo Tokyo, the leading Japanese fastfood chain in the country, marks another milestone in celebrating its 24th year in the industry.

Seizing your tastebuds with the best of tempura delight, Tokyo Tokyo now uses not only ¬black tiger prawns but also a (secretly) reformulated batter mix, making its Tempura bigger and crunchier! Watta Tempura talaga!

Take a feast in every scrumptious bite of the BIGGER and crunchier WATTA Tempura in three enjoyable selections with MIXED SEAFOOD TEMPURA, PRAWN VEGGIE TEMPURA, ALL PRAWN TEMPURA, and TOKYO BENTO PRAWN and VEGGIE TEMPURA.

Why settle for least satisfaction when you can take a bite with the best meaty tiger prawn tempura experience? Indulge yourselves with the big catch of WATTA Tempura goodness in your nearest Tokyo Tokyo stores now!

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