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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Samut Sari

I was browsing at scrappinmom's website.
Ang gagaling ng entries. Level 1 palang sya.
Ay grabe ibang level na sila.Galing bilib
talaga ako sa talent ng mga pinay scrappers..

Then I saw what Bjay's manga looks like. Kamukha nya in fairness.
Kaya I'll show mine as well In fairness di ko kamukha pero
parang ako na rin.. hahaha!!!

Natetense na ako wala pa ang funding para
sa party ni Adrianne.. Since wala akong work
I'm relying on Philbert to give me the funds
that I'm ALLOWED to spend although totally
subjective. 2 months to go na lang. Hayy
Lord please sana dumating na po.

I'm off to another scrapbook EB this weekend..

And finally magkaka vonage na kami yehey!!!!
Will be able to call my sister all the time.

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