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Friday, August 8, 2008

All About Joshwa

Joshwa is finally starting to talk slowly but surely..
Pag kailangan na sya magsalita napipilitan sya.

Here are some examples:

I want Daddy Please!
Yaya I want computer Please
I want Iced tea please
I want water please
I want juice please

some are prompted pero at least nagsasalita na

Tapos pag nakahawak ng Magic Sing..

Kakanta ng Boys Don't Cry & Achy Break Heart
Yun lang kinakanta as in Boys Don't Cry..
Wala nang kasunod
pag Achy Breaky Heart naman ganun din.
Pero at least may improvement na

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Kittymama said...

Yay for Josh! I wouldn't mind hearing "Achy Breaky Heart" over and over and over and over again...:-)

Uy, magandang ringtone yun. Unique!

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