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Friday, August 22, 2008

I caught the flu bug last week and thought I was well
so I attended the scrapbooking EB last week. I thought I
was okay but I'm still not feeling that well. I still
feel like something is definitely not right I'm still feeling
"out of sorts" so to speak. I decided to go to the EB tomorrow
and just go to the Doctor on Tuesday. I'm kind of scared to go
to the doctor. Since everytime I go to doctor lagi na lang
may bad news. Hopefully, I'll be okay.

Speaking of scrapbooking I noticed that I have definitely
improved in my scrapbooking skills. I used to be preschool
scrapbooker now I'm at grade school level na. Do I think
I have what It takes to compete with the others? NOPE!
I just scrapbook for myself and I don't want the added pressure
of deadlines

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