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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mamma Mia

I needed to get out of the house maski sandali lang.
My cousin called me last Monday telling me that
she had special screening tickets for Mamma Mia.
I excitedly made plans with her. I was really looking
forward to watching it with her. Then my cousin
called me today and told me na di sya makakasama.
I decided to go out and watch it maski wala akong
kasama. Before I went to the cinema I decided to
check out a Local Scrapbook Store which just
opened in Greenbelt. Items were great muntik
na akong di makaalis. Had to drag myself out
of that store. Went to the cinema watched the
movie and I loved it. I really did.. I was laughing
and laughing and the songs were really great.
It wasn't over sung. The stars had their moments
to shine. Ewan ko ba bakit sa kanila ganda ng
pagkagawa ng musical bakit pag sa pinoy na movie
I find it so baduy. Pag kumakanta or sumasayaw sila.
Maganda sya talaga I really did like it a lot.
I enjoyed it even more siguro kasi alam ko yung
ABBA songs. Di pa rin naman ako ganun katanda
to appreciate ABBA songs. Classic din naman eh.

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