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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'm now on my 31'st week. In 6 weeks I could give birth already but of course I would want to wait till I reach my 39th or 40th week til I give birth.I'm still not prepared. Have to get the big items from my SIL and we have to buy one closet to be used by the baby. GD is still a pain but it's almost over.I'm not going to miss the prickings and the injections. I've been having some contractions lately which comes and goes.According to my doula those are just Braxton Hicks. It started last Friday when I tackled the big mountain of laundry and it went on the whole weekend. Thankfully it went away and I have another appointment on Wednesday. I am now a happy wife because Philbert "volunteered" to tackle the laundry and the vacumming. Now if only I can get him to do the cooking and the cleaning and preparing Joshwa for school then I can be one happier wife. But thats wishful thinking on my part.

We finally decided on a first name finally and her name is Adrianne or maybe the spelling will be Adrienne. The middle name is still up in the air i want it to be Marie not Marie' (hard to pronounce) but Philbert thinks its best to stick to just one name.

It's just so weird that many people kept asking me hey have you been to the area near the Port. To eat some great seafood well they say that feel of the place is sort of what Dampa has. And I kept saying no sorry not yet when most of the people I know kept raving about it even my friend from Baldwin Park has been there and they've been to the parks here and we even have a local Aquarium Attraction here in our city that we've never been to. Unfortunately Philbert is a homebody so he doesn't really like to go out.I guess its because when he's at home he just wants to rest , play with Joshwa, tinker with his pc and watch tv. But I do tell him we have to go to this seafood place but he says we'll wait until I give birth because according to what he read seafood isn't good for pregnant women and that is another weird part because my husband doesn't like to read.

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