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Monday, April 9, 2007

Joshwa is learning so many things leaps and bounds
Sometimes cute things like he could now type
an apology. Last Saturday because
he misbehaved his dad said to him while
he was on the computer.
Philbert: Joshwa di ka ba mag sorry kay daddy.
Joshwa opens the notepad and types
Daddy Philbert sorry lang ako.

Pero while cute yun may ginawa din sya kalokohan
he did something on the computer and played with
the volume. So ngayon iba na boses na lumalabas
boses ka boses ni Mahal seriously dont think na ang sama ko its
not intend to discriminate in any way pero kung imported
sabihin na lang natin na boses ng Chipmunks.
Puede mo pagtyagaan but you can really distinguish
the difference. Because of that Philbert is itching to
reformat the computer. Ayoko muna kasi I want to
wait till my ABS-CBN subscription will be
renewed para dun ko sa laptop mapanood. Kaunting
tiis na lang naman.

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