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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ive been tagged by Dianne

A - Available or single: this is the wrong question should have
been Available or Taken: TAKEN
B - Best friend: Ginger (girl) Philbert (boy)
C - Cake or pie: cake
D - Drink of choice: Coke
E - Essential item you use everyday: cell phone
F - Favorite color: blue
G - Gummy bears or worms: pass
H - Hometown: Makati City
I - Indulgence: eating all the cakes and desserts that I want
J - January or February:Jan because its JOSHWA'S birth month.
K - Kids & names: Joshwa Dominik(Joshwa means God is gracious Dominik is a german name for Dominic meaning belonging to God)
L - Life is incomplete without? Love and laughter
M - Marriage date: July 15,2000
N - Number of siblings: 2 Sisters
O - Oranges or apples: oranges
P - Phobias or fears: heights , rats
Q - Fave quote: God is good all the time.
R - Reason to smile: Joshwa’s antics & the coming baby
S - Season: FALL
T - Tag 5 people:
U - Unknown fact about me: I used to be an Angel Card Reader, I actually studied Reiki finished level I would have wanted to go
Thru Level 2 but It didn’t happen so It wasn’t meant to be.
V- Vegetable you don’t like: ampalaya,
W - Worst habit: slacking off when it comes to chores
X-rays you've had:
Y- Your fave food: CAKE, ICE CREAM
Z-Zodiac sign: Libra

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