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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I can't stop gushing about my husband Philbert has been so amazing
he has been cooking, taking care of Joshwa & putting Joshwa to bed.
He has really stepped up to the plate and took care of things.
When I am unable to do so. I'm thankful that we had a chance
to move and start over in all honesty this has saved our marriage.
Of course sometimes we have our moments where we fight because
no one can upset me like he can. But at the end of the day
no one can comfort me and make me laugh like he can. When we lost
the baby I was beside myself I was crying and he held me and
let me cry he didn't need to say anything. I knew I was going
to be okay because he's here and whatever crazy thing I do
he puts up with me and my moods. I know that our kids are so lucky
to have Philbert as a dad.

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Lee i. said...

Congrats Leirs. Darn. Di ko nakita yung trivia contest niya ah. Maaga ba akong natulog nung araw na yun? :-) Enjoy your mag.

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