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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Round Table Talk : Ethics and the blogger part

I attended a round table discussion last Saturday in AIM, Makati
The forum was an informal round of talks was sponsored by
Blog and Soul Movement.

The most important topic was the Ethics of the Bloggers.
Someone pointed out what was needed was the very
basic rule of Etiquette.

Here are some thoughts that were shared by the bloggers.

1. You must never ever copy someone else's work as pass it of as yours. It
pertains to blog posts and pictures.

2. If you have to copy. Explicitly ask for permission and quote the original

3. Some bloggers do not go to PR Events without calls or
texts from the companies. If you are invited never assume that you are
allowed to bring everyone you know. If you have to bring someone it
is just right to ask for permission.

4.Be careful of what you say in your blog.It can and will be used against you.

5. Listen to both sides of the story before you make your blog entry. Don't
just join the bandwagon. Trust your instinct.

6. The code of Ethics For Bloggers was also discussed many
do not agree with establishing such a code.Who will draft it?
How will they draft it? Who will implement it?
hen it will be implemented?Are just some of the questions that comes to mind.

What I had For Lunch Pork BBQ

* Thanks to JP Manahan for the Pics

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