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Monday, February 23, 2009

Philbert's Hobby

This is Philbert's hobby. Computer Gaming..
The computer was a cause of so many fights.
5 years ago I would say I hate his computer and I mean really, really hate it.
Like burn it and crush it and stone it til it breaks down kind of hate.
There was a time that I really felt the self pity and the depression because
I would be completely ignored. 

But now I 've learn to laugh at it probably becauseI've gotten used to it.
I have learned to pick my battles. I'd rather that he do what he enjoys the most
and I do what I enjoy the most so we can be better parents to our kids.
No fight and no dramas.. If i should say so myself
I try to have a social life  too I go out with my blogger friends, 
I scrapbook with my friends. 

I patiently wait til he gets tired of that game and go into hiatus
for 2 years and then he can be mine once again until the
next game catches his fancy.

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