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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Day Of ABA

Today is Joshwa's first day of his return to ABA.
(Applied Behavioral Analysis according to
means that approach teaches social, motor, and verbal behaviors as well
as reasoning skills (1). ABA treatment is especially
useful in teaching behaviors to children with autism
who may otherwise not "pick up" these behaviors on
their own as other children would. )
We decided to return to his old teacher despite the fact that he's a bit
pricey because Joshwa already knows him and I didn't
want to be at the mercy of a therapy center who
will suddenly send a new therapist without prior
notice. That will really wreak havoc on Joshwa and his schedule.
He knows this therapist already so we decided
to just stick to him. True enough the teacher went
to work right away. There was little adjustment
that was needed to be done on Joshwa's part.
He is also Joshwa's Aqua Therapy Teacher

My mom asked me how will I pay for the
therapist? I didn't know how to answer her.
But the Lord will provide that I know. This
month part of the therapy is already covered.
Ask me again next month how we are going to afford it?
But one thing is for sure we are really pushing forward.

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Lee i. said...

i admire your courage and your selfless love for joshwa, leirs. i pray that indeed God will provide. soon! :-)

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