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Friday, September 12, 2008


This is a very honest post some people may not
like it. So please if you hate it then don't read it.

If there's one thing that I can be really squeamished is
when my mom and I have the "talk"? Yeah I can talk to her
but not when it comes to intimacy. Imagine my surprise
when she starts talking to me about that. I know it's better
to hear from my mom than from someone else. But I would have wanted
her to start when I was a teenager. She never talked to me
about the birds and the bee's the flowers and the
trees when I was younger so her giving me this talk is
a bit strange to say the least. I also don't want her
using her and my dad as an example because that's even more strange.
I felt like I was 16 and in shock all over again when
she told us that she was pregnant again. I was like What!!!
you guys still have sex?? Funny huh? What's strange is she even
said if he doesn't get it from you he'll get it from someone else.
Thank God there was a phone call or else I would wait for the
ground to open up and eat me alive. Because if there's something
I learned you can't discuss things that go one inside the bedroom
with someone else. It's just too personal. I maybe a talkative person
but discussing that is where I draw the line. Well at one time I
probably did as a new wife but not anymore.

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