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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joshwa is Jealous

Yes.. You read it right.. Joshwa is starting to show signs of
jealousy towards his sister. He looks at Adrianne differently this past few days.
Sya naman ang nang aagaw ng toys ni Adrianne and sya rin ang gusto
maglaro si Crib. Lately not just playing in her crib but sleeping
inside the crib. Buti na lang matibay ang crib ni Adrianne
When Adrianne was playing with Joshwa and she was
holding on to her kuya Joshwa really got annoyed and
screamed at his sister. Adrianne!!!

I was like grinning like an idiot from ear to ear.
It was like did you hear that?? Did you hear that??
He used a different tone on her. YES!!! Kilala
nya si Adrianne. Hahaha!!! Yes I'm so weird I know.

Thank God for our simple joys and cognitive milestones.


Kittymama said...

Ang babaw nating mga autism mommies, 'no? But these little things are exactly what makes everything worthwhile. :-)

Anonymous said...

kakaaliw naman si Joshwa

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