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Friday, September 12, 2008

Paradise that is called Kawayan Cove

I just came home from this Amazing place called Kawayan Cove.
This place is nothing short of amazing. I really,really had a great time.

Here are some facts about that wonderful place.
It is located in Nasugbu, Batangas. They have an area of 68 Hectares.
From Makati you can get there in 2 hours by car using a helicopter
25 minutes and via both from Manila Yacht Club 2.5 hours.
One of the amazing things that they do is they practice
sustainable development which means that they
use just what they need and in turn preserving
the environment that can be beneficial not only
for the present but for the indefinite future.
Another amazing thing that Kawayan Cove has to
offer is the Meditation point.
It offers a 340 degree view of the South China Sea.
It really does invite you to sit down with
Your thoughts and to meditate and enjoy the
music of the soft breeze, the lapping of the waves.

Here are some pics:

Our Wonderful Hosts Mr Joey Puyat and Mr. Anton Diaz

Will upload more pics in the coming posts..

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