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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm so happy! Was able to meet the teacher and she
wanted to see him before he starts. It was a school that
I already dismissed but I decided to take a second look.
It wasn't what I wanted but the teacher was the sort
of teacher that I wanted for Joshwa. So I took a chance
and decided to ask if she still had a slot for Joshwa there's
still a 10am to 12nn slot.

I was already rushing Joshwa had a 1 PM appointment
with the school. Joshwa was having a tantrum because
he wanted to use the computer and didn't want to eat.
For him to focus I turned off the Television and when
he couldn't watch the TV went straight for the laptop.
But I was way ahead of him when he saw the laptop
I have already turned it off and so he wanted to
use Philbert's computer. Philbert was seated on the bench.
Joshwa pulled his shirt from the back causing him to
fall backwards. So there he was sprawled on the floor and
he was blaming me. Kasi daw dapat pinayagan na lang
mag computer and mag watch ng TV. Para daw di na
mag iiyak.

Nag init talaga ang ulo ko kasi dapat pagdating kay
Joshwa united kami pagdating sa discipline.
Tapos naawa sya pag umiiyak pag nag tantrums naman
si Joshwa tapos sya inaaway. Ako naman sinisisi bakit
ganun daw si Joshwa.Saka we shouldn't be blaming
and having an argument on how to deal with Joshwa
infront of Joshwa. Matalino si Joshwa and I'm sure that
in some way he can understand na kung ano nangyayari.

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