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Sunday, June 15, 2008


1. How long were you together before you got hitched? Exactly 1 year. We met May 1999 got together June 1999 and got married July 2000

2. What made you fall in love with hubby from the start?
I wasn't nung start but eventually he won me over.
He's mabait, walang kabisyo bisyo, and has a very great sense of humor.

3. What's the best gift you ever received from him?
Baduy man at cheesy pero yung pagmamahal nya.
He's a very complicated person pero I know that he loves me.

4. What is hubby's best traits? Worst traits?
Best traits: Yun nga walang bisyo di umiinom, di naninigarilyo, di mabarkada.Pagkagaling sa office umuuwi agad. Di lumalabas pag weekends.
Worst traits: Sumpong nya.. grabe pag sinumpong sya I call it his
monthly period. Pag tinopak sya as in tinotopak talaga sya. Hirap
hulihin ang ugali kasi minsan akala mo nag joke yun pala seryoso na sya.

5. What traits/mannerism/character did your child/children inherent
from hubby?
With Joshwa pareho sila ng ugali eh. As in yung weird traits like di
kumakain ng ininit na pagkain. Pag pinagsasabihan mo mahilig
mag walk out.

6. Let's say you and your child/children are talking about daddy, what
do you want to tell your kids about their dad that they don't know?
Daddy is very talented he learned to play the guitar on his own.

7. What is one thing Daddy cannot live without (materially)?
His computer

8. If hubby can read this, what's your message for him?
happy fathers day!!! you are a good husband and
you are the best dad. The kids are lucky to have you
I love you.

9. What "pet name" did your father call you when you were little?
Feel free to elaborate on the name's history (If you didn't have one,
what do you wish you were called by him back then)
Leirs.. di ko alam kung bakit basta yun talaga tawag nya sa akin
ever since.

10. What qualities does your husband have in common with your father?
(good & bad)
-Opposites sila talaga.. Philbert is very quiet. Papa ko naman makuento.

11. What was your first impression of your father-in-law the first time
you met him or were introduced to him?
-Very nice. Made me feel at ease.

12.What 3 words can describe your hubby as a father?
-Great, patient and very sweet.

13. What do you plan to give or do for hubby for Father's Day?
Wala kasi we're really not big on the gift giving.

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