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Monday, October 1, 2007

Special Mention

Last night, Desperate Housewives, in their season premiere insulted the Philippine doctors.The exact lines of Susan Meyer to the Doctor was let me see your diploma, I want to know where you graduated and not from some medical school in the Philippines. Ay grabe nagulat ako at di naka react tapos I stopped watching na. Nakakawalang gana naman magagaling naman ang medical schools sa Philippines ano. Wala lang naiirita lang ako..


Mrs K. said...

Hi Leirs, if this really bothers you i suggest that you call the attention of anyone on that program and complain... i do that here in aus and they normally send you a letter or some notes on their next program... whacha think


MrsPartyGirl said...

wow, grabe, talaga? i don't watch desperate housewives. more reason not to watch it now.

Diane said...

hello Leirs! Grabeh naman yun! Favorite ko pa naman DH. Hay!

BTW, I have a tag for you because you are one fabulous mommy! Ingat!

lali said...

hey leirs, you know that i almost went to med. school and being in the pre med program in ust meant that we get to peek in the medical industry. since you're in the states you could email or start a campaign to protest that line in abc, is that the correct network for desperate housewives? actually up and ust are both recognized by the federal gov't. of the usa as one of the best foreign med. schools. so maybe they could have their facts checked.

cabbie lopez said...

hi leirs. kaya pala my sister send me a video clipping of dh tapos naka off speaker ko so i ddnt bother to listen to the pala, grabe ang insulto. i am a doctor and grad ako ng ust so this is really something that should be addressed to the the director behind DH>

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