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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Slowly adjusting to our new life and I'm loving it.. Adrianne is an easy baby doesn't take much to calm her down. Thank God she's not colicky .. I couldn't imagine how our life would be without her. Can I just say that I love the baby plus gadget. Most of the testimonials that they say on the website is so true. It's a bit pricey but its a great investment.

Having Adrianne also gives me a second chance to start anew and do things that I never did with Joshwa. Like train her to sleep in her own crib, wake up for the night time feedings(Philbert did that with Joshwa), totally take care of her on our own with no outside help. The term sleep while the baby sleeps is totally true in my case.


gem said...

congratulations, leirs! ang sarap pag may baby sa bahay.

MommyBa said...

Congratulations! You'll be able to adjust soon - don't worry :)

At least she's already home :)

Liza said...

again, congrats leirs. you have a beautiful baby! it's great to hear you're adjusting pretty well to the changes in your life. i'm pretty sure you can handle that. hugs!

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