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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's In A Name

I just read Aggie's blog and I don't know if nakuento ko na kung
paano nakuha mga names ng mga kids.

I really liked the name Joshua. There was no doubt that
yun ang name na gusto ko. But when I saw this baby
book. Joshua- Means Jehovah's witness.
While Joshwa means God is Gracious. The second name
was supposed to be Shane. I also liked that name
kaso naisip ko wala pala syang Christian name. So
I chose the name Dominik in honor of St. Dominic

I really loved the name Adrianne there were
many names that I considered but Adrianne
was the one that I really liked. Marie
is my baptism name and In hindsight
after my SIL rin pala her name is MARIbeth.
Therese is named after St Therese of the Child
Jesus. I prayed for her intercession during my
very difficult pregnancy. Yeah I know that
her name is super long and she'll probably hate me
when she starts going to school.

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Casdok said...

There are some beautiful names out there, makes choosing one very difficult.
I love the names you chose.

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