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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Ate Beth

People are singing
All around their tombstone
happy birthday

Sorry if thats a weird haiku
or if tama ba talaga yan. That's exactly
what we did. We gathered around their
tombstone and started singing
Happy Birthday! Today is Ate Beth's 37th
Birthday. It's still hard to think of her
in the past tense. I still miss her everyday.
Happy Birthday Ate!!!! During the time
that we were singing there was a white
butterfly fluttering all around us.
I'd like to think it's her and she's happy that
we gathered to sing to her.

They took photo's but I purposely didn't bring
my camera. I can't take pictures of the tomb
it's just too painful.

When will this pain go away?
When will this longing for her ease?
I don't know if it'll get easier as time goes by.

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