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Monday, January 14, 2008

Joshwa's 7th Birthday Celebrations and some thoughts

Nakapag celebrate na kami nang 7th Birthday ni Joshwa last
Saturday sa Max. We didn't have entertainment and games
pero it was great because the people that mattered to Joshwa
came to his celebration. I wanted to upload his photos here
pero ang dami pala nung pics eh so I uploaded it at

Tapos nung Sunday we had our own private birthday
celebration. We went to Gerry's Grill kasi bagong
bukas tapos medyo malapit sa amin. Grabe!!!
haba nang pila can't believe we had to wait 30 minutes
just to get a table pero it was worth it. Buti na lang pala
di namin dun ginawa yung celebration nung birthday ni
Joshwa. The place was small wala silang function rooms
so parang walang privacy.Masarap ang food hayyy
kailan kaya kami makakabalik. Ano kaya ang ang puedeng
gawing excuse para makapunta dun uli.

On Wednesday Joshwa will be having a school
party. We will be sending a cake, cupcakes and juices
thru the school bus and of course a disposable camera

As far as parenting Joshwa is concerned I'm
always not sure if i'm doing the right thing.
Like dapat ko ba pagalitan, hindi ba dapat,
do i need to do tough love or should i cut
him a lot of slack. Ewan ko ba... I go by
my instincts pero minsan i feel like
I'm too strict he prefers his dad over me.
Ganito siguro talaga kasi nga his needs are
different so the way he responds to me and
his dad are also different din.

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