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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Joshwa

Hayyy 7 na si Joshwa.. Parang kailan lang I was in labor and screaming

in pain and sometimes I still have to shout Joshwa!!!

Volume Down pleaseeee!!!! kasi naman makikinig lang sa music

kailangan pang naka todo ang volume. But with Joshwa Philbert and I learned

to appreciate the little things. We learned to be more patient.. I know sometimes

I'm failing at this department but I really try to do my best.

I'm not ashamed to say that my son has Autism. It's not his

fault and I refuse to hide him in the shadows and leave him at home.

I'm happy that my family loves him so much and takes time out

to spend time with him and celebrates with us at his every achievement

and consoles us when we have our dissappointments.

Life with Joshwa has been challenging to say the

least but we can't imagine our life without Joshwa.

A funny anecdote before I end this post..

Joshwa saw his birthday cake inside the refrigerator

and wants to eat it and I told him no because we

will eat it after dinner , he became upset.

Goes to the computer and opens the notepad



Munchkin Mommy said...

happy birthday, joshwa! may God always shower you with blessings and may you continue to bring lots of joy to your mommy and daddy and little sister and to everyone who loves you dearly.

leira, napakaguwapo ni joshwa! tama ka, there's nothing to be ashamed. if anything, joshwa is a blessing. :)

Kittymama said...

Happy Birthday, Josh! You are a very special gift to the world.

And to you, my dear friend, I share with you the happiness, joys, tears, and sorrows of kindred moms of special children. We are tested by fire, but we are blessed beyond all measure.

Love always,

MrsPartyGirl said...

happy birthday joshwa! pwedeng-pwede nang magka-girlfriend hehehe.

sis, you're doing such a great job as his mom, so don't think otherwise! i think that's why joshwa is in your life, sabi siguro ni Lord kayo ang makakapagbigay sa kanya ng tunay na pag-aalaga at pagmamahal. :) kaya tignan mo naman, in return, ang daming blessings coming your way.

so cheers! at penge ng cake, hehe.

richly-blessed rowena said...

naku lei! after 6 days e napansin ko ang aking comment na ang nakalagay e "there's nothing to be ashamed"! OMG! sorry! parang bobitang ingles. hahaha! sobrang OC ko 'no? as in may i correct pa! hahaha!

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