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Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Only Fan

I admit i'm not a singer.. The singer sewing machine sounds
better than me. I like to sing my heart out much to my
family's embarrassment Philbert and especially Joshwa
when I would start singing he would cover my mouth
if he could speak he would definitely tell me to stop singing.
My mom once described my singing voice as the sound
of the siren of a big ship.

But still I sing because I know I would find someone
who will just listen to me and not react and kind of enjoy it
and that is Adrianne.

Lately when she starts getting fussy I would open
youtube and look for Darius Ranesh's song
Colourblind and she would stop crying and I would
sing along to it and she would look at me as if
telling to sing. Of course I have other songs
on my playlist and she seems to have a preferrence
for boyband songs.

The downside is that my voice is a little
bit hoarse from all the singing. But what
job doesn't have an occupational hazard?


Mec said...

naalala ko tuloy yung quote w/c goes something like... the bane of life is a new baby because her mother will be singing... basta ganun :D

but am sure, no matter how tuneless some of us are (I am, not saying you are too), am sure our voices are the most wonderful sound for our babies :)

Mia Castrillo said...

This is so cute! So nice to be a mommy no? I'm sure you're doing well. Miss you na! It would have been fun that we had a baby at the same time no? :-)

richly-blessed rowena said...

ay nagkaron lang ako ng singing career when abby was born and she was my number one fan..still is! :D i have a voice only a daughter could love...because she doesn't know any better just yet. hahaha!

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