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Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

You know, there have been times when people have told
me they regret the way
things have turned out in their life.

And they've told me where they feel they went wrong:
'If only I'd gone in on that deal.'

'If only I'd got on that flight.'
But I don't look at it that way. I have not one regret.
I say that, because 8 years ago, the most wonderful
person in the world came into my life.
And that person has made this life of ours wonderful.
So for me, there are no IF ONLYs.
And the WHAT-IFS are only sad...True we have had our moments
that tested our marriage and each other. In the end I don't think I could ever
find someone who loves me and cares about me as much
he does. He is the the one that one that owns my heart,
the one that is the calm after my storm, the breeze that carries
me home, the one that anchors me.

Happy Birthday Dearest Honey!!!

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Mec said...

hope the Holidays were meaningful and inspiring, and the New Year ahead promising and challenging and interesting :)

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