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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our New Toy

For the longest time I have been on a lookout for a new camera.We really needed a new one. I was debating to either get a wishblade or a new camera it can't be both so the camera won.The best part is I didn't have to fall in line to buy it. I just have to wait for it. Hopefully it will be here by Dec 5.
Here are the details of our new toy.
Fuji FinePix S800 SLR-Style 8MP 10X Zoom Digital Camera

Resolution (in pixels): 8 megapixels - delivers high quality with sharper,
more brilliant, higher-resolution pictures
Zoom: 10X optical, 4.8X digital, 14.8X total - get up to 10 times
closer with the touch of a button; equal to 38 - 380mm camera

Display: 2.5" LCD or viewfinder - easy to see what you're shooting

Memory: 27MB built in, expandable to 2GB with xD or SD cards
(sold separately) - so you always have plenty of memory available
Other Differentiators:
· High light sensitivity up to ISO 1600 - shoot even in low
light without a flash for more natural-looking photos
· Picture Stabilization Mode - reduces blur caused by camera
shake or subject movement
· Intelligent Flash - when needed, flash pops up; flash output
is adjusted to give you ideal pictures without wash-out common to other flashes
· Camera can function like a camcorder with camcorder functions
· Natural Light and Natural Flash mode - takes two shots in quick
succession, one with flash and one without, displaying them side by side
on the LCD screen; less likelihood of missing a good shot due to the wrong setting
Additional Features and Specifications:
· File Formats: JPEG. AVI, Wave
· Storage Media: Choice of xD or SD
· Lens Focal Length: 6.33 to 63.3 (35mm=38 to 380mm)
· Image Sensor: 1-2.5 CCD
· Focus: Auto focus
· Focus Range: .4 to infinity
· Flash: Automatic
· Aperture: f3.5 - 3.7
· Viewfinder: 2.5" LCD or eye level electronic
· Exposure Control: Automatic
· Exposure/Shooting Modes: Choice of 25
· Color Modes: Normal, fine or black and white
· Shutter Speed: 4 seconds to 1/1000
· White Balance: Automatic
· Digital Interface: USB
· Power Source: 4 AA batteries
· Product Weight: 10.8 oz. without batteries or memory card
· Still Resolutions: 8MP F, 8MP N, 3:2, 4MP, 2MP, .3MP
· Frames Per Second: 30 fps
· Sensitivity: Up to ISO 1600
· Body Type: SLR style
· Measures approx. 4.2"L x 3.75"W x 3"H
· Made of metal, plastic and glass
· Made in China
· Comes with a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty


Kittymama said...

Mare, I love your new cam! It looks so impressive! Question ko lang, why did you opt for a model that uses AA batteries?

Mec said...



richly-blessed rowena said...

lei! naglaway ako sa new toy mo! :D i've been pining for a camera, too. i thin i'm ready for a more high-tech camera kesa dun sa usual na pocket-sized na point and shoot. pero baka di pa ako ready sa SLR. i'm thinking the camera before the real SLRs. hahaha! :D

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