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Sunday, July 22, 2007


i just want to vent and let it out.. i hate the injections..kasi naman masakit talaga sya eh and i dread it everyday i have to do it. which is like 3 times a day it but i have to do it.. masakit sya and may times na palpak ako and i end up injuring myself. hay naku kaunting tiis na lang talaga.. 3 months to go na lang and i cant wait.. i know sasabihin selfish ako its not for me . its for the baby eh sa masakit talaga sya eh.. sometimes i wish I could just prepare the insulin and Philbert could just poke me with the injection eh di daw nya kaya kasi siguro takot sya pero takot din naman ako ano pero kinakaya ko na lang kasi kung di ako walang gagawa... im rambling i know just wanted to let it now.


pepe said...

kaya mo yan...:p

karen said...

it's amazing, the things a mother would do for her child. in three months time, you'll look back and say to yourself... it's all worth it!

Good luck Leira!

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