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Friday, July 6, 2007

1. Food you hate - None. I'm open to anything..

2. Fruits you hate - Durian & Marang..

3. Veggies that you hate - I don't hate ampalaya i just don't want to eat it.

4. Celebrities or people that you hate - Ogie and Regine.. wasn't even surprised when they admitted na sila na

5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate - walking, hiking and exploring the great outdoors and im not just an outdoor kind of person

6. TV Shows or Movies that you hate - wala naman because if i hate it so much why would i bother watching it in the first place.

7. Type of Music that you hate - music that has profanity in it.

8. Household chore that you hate -i hate all household chores.

9. Things you hate about the world - poverty

10. Things that youhate about yourself - i'm super lazy. im a procrastinator.

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