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Sunday, May 20, 2007

I just came back from a brief confinement from the hospital yes i have Gestational Diabetes buti na lang din nalaman na agad.It was nice to be away maski sandali lang pero i missed my 2 boys. im okay hayyy daming bawal like
ice cream,cakes,pies,pastries,cookies,soda and 1/2 cup rice per meal kill me now why dont you??? yeah yeah i know pero its worth it naman. I have to inject myself with insulin 2x a day and prick my fingers 4 times day.If this baby turns out to be salbahe someday you bet isusumbat ko hirap ko sa kanya(hahahahhaha) Likot likot nung baby i have a feeling that this is another boy . No names yet.. Wanted to name it Harry James Potter Pagaspas.. hahahahha ayaw ni Philbert kasi dapat daw Philbert Jr. everytime he says that then I start praying na sana girl na ito. hahahhaa. anyway take care and kuento ka pa. miss you friend

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