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Thursday, December 4, 2014


The people of Baguio deserves a leadership that will put their interest ahead at all times. We hope that as public servants, we can both live up to this legal and moral duty. To do otherwise is to betray that public trust those are the words of Arnel Cassanova. Which is of course ironic because Camp John Hay Development Corp.(CJHDevCo) can be credited for helping the Baguio Tourism

The arbitration court is set to hand down its ruling anytime on the P10-billion suit filed by the Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevco) against the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA).CJHDevco executives said they were rushing the development of Camp John Hay after the Supreme Court declared the area no longer a special economic zone, affecting projects there.
Congress, however, restored the special economic zone status of Camp John Hay.CJHDevco officials said it has invested over P5 billion in developing Camp John Hay and has remitted over P1.4 billion in lease rentals to the BCDA.They expressed concern that since they were awarded the project 17 years ago, only 20 percent has materialized allegedly due to various breaches of contract by the BCDA, including the failure to set up the OSAC.
CJHDevco officials said the development project should have been completed in five years at a cost of only P2.5 billion.CJH DevCo filed a P10B arbitration case against BCDA for non compliance with their agreement and various other breeches by the BCDA.
BCDA attempted to picture the bonding company as a Janet Napoles company. An SEC report, however, shows that Janet Napoles is not even a director nor officer of the bonding company nor a substantial owner thereof, with minimal shares of only 7% of the company attributed to Mrs. Napoles.
I hope BCDA will remember that only a court order directing CJHDevCO to vacate Camp John Hay and surrender possession of the Camp will make us stop from protecting the Camp, its residents and its sub-lessees conducting various businesses therein. It took city government officials years to step in and resolve this. Everyone knows the answer and the rationale behind this.

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Fernando Lachica said...

It’s now that the two entities should respect each other to wait for the final decision and think in advance about the development of Camp John Hay for helping the revenues of Baguio City.

Likewise, whatever the final decision of the Arbitration Committee, the BCDA, as the government entity should look further in getting the services of developer who initiated the development inside the Camp John Hay.

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