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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cheap Thrills

I know that everyone has that right? I never ever think that someone or something is beneath me. I'm willing to try anything once except extreme sports and anything that involves heights.Here are some revelations about me:

I used to be a BIG Ariel Rivera fan. I mean really big that I would drag my friend Ginger to go see his movie with me. Parang napanood ko ata movie with matching iyak pa sa Ikaw kasi namatay sya dun. Nainis ako kay Regine kasi naghiwalay sila ni Gelli because she fooled around with Ariel. In hindsight na realize ko teka it always takes two to tango. I'm still a fan hey old habits die hard pero I just watch his telenovela's na lang.

I also do admit that I watch telenovela's sometimes sa channel 2 sometimes sa channel 7.

I watch tagalog movies. Some I criticize because of impossible story lines but I watch it anyway. Lately I'm trying to stop finding faults with the movie and just want to enjoy the movie.I now go inside in a movie house just wanting to be entertained.

I like going to comedy clubs. I know baduy pero Masaya sya talaga. Basta di ako ang lalaitin okay lang. haha!!!

The last time we went there was last Tuesday and The main performer for that night was Aegis. Nung una parang okay lang baduy pero okay na rin. Ang galing nila grabe ay sobra talaga. Parang walang ka effort effort kumanta. Ay ang galing talaga I can't say it enough ang galing ng Aegis. This is in no way a paid advertising I was really blown away kasi I never expected them to be that good. Kaya nung narinig ko sila hinanap ko

Ang songs nila na meron sa magic sing ang resulta masakit pa rin lalamunan ko up to now.



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