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Friday, August 3, 2007

Baby Plus

I love the Baby plus that we're using right now. I really feel the baby move everytime I use it.I've heard so many stories about baby plus and I can't wait to share my testimonial when I give birth. Here are some information on Baby Plus.Though its a bit pricey.The standard retail price is $149 just bought it for $55(shipping and handling included) on EBAY second hand and in very good condition and just the way the baby is reacting when I use it i know that i made a great investment.

Why should we use BabyPlus?

The real question is, "why wouldn't you use BabyPlus?" It is safe, it is scientifically sound, and the benefits are remarkable. In order to give your child every advantage, you take care of your health while you are pregnant - eating right, taking prenatal vitamins, avoiding alcohol, etc. Why not start educating your child as early as possible?

Is it safe?

Yes it is. There is no question that this is an entirely new field of education, but on the other hand prenatal stimulation has been around for thousands of years. BabyPlus simply represents the evolution of prenatal stimulation to a technique that has incredible benefits for the child. We believe that, someday, the use of BabyPlus will be as much a part of being pregnant as is taking prenatal vitamins.

Is there any chance of over stimulation?

No! The entire system is designed to present the sounds of BabyPlus to the fetus at a level below that of the normal sounds of the maternal heart beat.

How do the BabyPlus sounds educate my baby?

The unborn child receives very little stimulation in the uterus. The only sound that it can clearly discern is the maternal heart beat. By providing the infant with sounds which closely mimic the maternal heart beat but which vary in ever increasing ways, the child learns one of the most basic learning skills of all - discrimination - before she/he is born.

Does the mother's heartbeat conflict with the BabyPlus sound?

Obviously both sounds are occurring at the same time, but it is the same as if you listen to two different rhythms being played at the same time two sets of drums - you can listen selectively to one or the other and clearly hear the difference.

Why heartbeats?

Whether the maternal heart speeds or slows due to exercise, emotion, stress, or sleep, changes in its rate are randomized, hence not curricular in structure (progressively and consistently more complex), therefore no different from any other sonic stimuli in the mother's environment - all reaching the unborn child but nonsensical, merely meaningless white noise with no opportunity to imprint; both extreme simplicity and repetition are required for this very special kind of learning, a critical phase which ends with birth.

BabyPlus provides what the infant's natural surroundings cannot: Sequential variations from the imprinted cardiac baseline, thereby exercising formative neurology through elementary information-processing, strengthening memory and comparative functions to reduce normal brain cell death concluding gestation. Neurogenesis is so developmentally dependant upon recognizable data that the mother may stimulate with BabyPlus no matter her level of physical activity, mental state, or mood - the evolving brain will relate to that which makes sense at its most important stage.

Can BabyPlus aid bonding?

There are two primary ways in which bonding between a pregnant mother and her unborn child are enhanced by using BabyPlus. First, the physical act of stimulation occurring twice or more daily (particularly if provided at the same times of day) becomes a regularized process which by its very mechanics focuses upon the fetus, drawing attention to any potential response; this is the psychodynamic effect.

More importantly, as the mother witnesses fetal movements in response to the BabyPlus rhythms - often synchronized with them and of considerable duration - a dialogue is established: Her infant has reacted to cues she initiated.., our earliest connection with another individual, just like a game; in this sense, the baby becomes personalized without having to exit the womb - it relates directly to the mother's behavior. As she realizes this growing attachment, every motor reaction by the fetus to the mother's use of BabyPlus in turn elicits her hormonal/biochemical responses which cross the placental barrier, further evoking in the child reinforcement of its playful activity.

Naturally, while such bonding is most intense between mother and her unborn child, father, any siblings, and extended family can as well share in this interpersonal exchange - not only do they observe maternal happiness at its effect, they can place their hands or face against the mother's abdomen and feel what is going on... the beginning of human communication in the family classroom.

Can I use BabyPlus more than twice a day?

It is not beneficial to increase the amount of your baby's daily listening time. If a child hears the lessons too frequently, they become habituated to the rhythms of BabyPlus and the distinction is not as readily made.

Can I start using BabyPlus before the 18th week of pregnancy?

Although it certainly would do no harm to begin using BabyPlus before the 18th week, we cannot guarantee that it would be of any additional value. The baby's sense of hearing does not become functional until about the 18th week. We encourage that lesson one be started during week 18 at the earliest.

What if I am past 18 weeks when I begin to use BabyPlus? Will I still see benefits?

Absolutely! We have many parents who have started using BabyPlus much later than 18 weeks and still report the same benefits.

What if I completed all 16 lessons and still haven't delivered?

Simply continue playing lesson 16 until delivery.

Do I have to rest while using BabyPlus?

Although we believe it is best to use BabyPlus during periods of relaxation (and enjoy the bonding experience), you may continue all usual activities (except, of course, bathing or swimming).


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